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Keep Your Trees Healthy

Tree Removal 4 U has over 20 years of experience in maintaining the health and beauty of trees in Phoenix and surrounding areas. We’re committed to keeping trees healthy and safe, and trimming and pruning your trees is a vital step in that process. Our arborists understand common problems facing Arizona trees, and they know just what to do to keep your trees healthy and encourage new growth. Contact us today for a free estimate or submit a request online!

Why Do Your Trees Need Trimming?

There are three reasons why you should trim your trees regularly: for your safety, the health of the tree, and aesthetics. Dead, damaged, or diseased branches need to be removed in order for the tree to be healthy and support new growth. If you have diseased branches, different types of bacteria and fungi can live in diseased wood and slowly attack and kill your tree.

Research also now shows reducing the density of your tree can help reduce wind and storm damage. Thinning and removing live branches from the tree can reduce your tree’s wind resistance, and therefore, branches and other debris are less likely to fly off during a storm.

Finally, trimming and pruning your tree encourages new growth and can result in a fuller, healthier, and more beautiful tree.

Palm Tree Care

Palm trees have their own unique set of needs, but our arborists are equipped to meet them. Palm trees require skinning to remove the dead fronds from the trunk. This isn’t necessary for the health of the tree, but it does create a smooth and soft trunk. It can also help deter insects, as some insects like to live in the palm skins on the trunk of the tree.

Cutting too deeply into the trunk can seriously injure your tree and the soft tissue underneath, which is why we highly recommend calling our experts at Tree Removal 4 U. We have over 20 years of experience, and we pride ourselves on quality service. You can count on us for a beautiful and healthy looking palm tree.

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